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13th-Feb-2008 02:54 pm - hmm,
well it's been like over a month.
and still nothing is really going on.
it's pretty sad that i can go forever without writing in this is and not too much has changed.

the biggies.
-FFT broke up. which is really upsetting. i guess i can only see it from an outside view of everything happens for a reason? i feel bad for the guys because they had high hopes, you know? but i don't like to talk about it too much because it will just put everyone in a bad mood.

-select is killing me slowly. faunce is already being a dick and we just started.

-school as a whole sucks right now. i don't understand math anymore, i hate english, spanish is a drag. i guess people aren't supposed to like school, but up until this and last week i really just can't stand it anymore.

-valentine's day is tomorrow. usually i get all excited and am in a wicked good mood. but with the way everything is going i wish it wasn't tomorrow.

-i am the only one in the world who doesn't have a license. "well you could go if you had your license." enough, lol.

i just can't wait for break.
and my birthday.
i can't beileve i am going to be 17.
that's nuts.

k i'm done.

Sauveur -- OUT.
2nd-Nov-2007 03:42 pm - new icon.
Credit for icon goes to icon_goddess.
you're amazinnng!

1st-Nov-2007 04:56 pm - haven't updated in 5 weeks.
what a different outlook i have on school from 5 weeks ago.
[i hate all my classes.]
love mr. ginger...pretty much it.
never see my friends anymore.
that scares me.

halloween was yesterday.
didn't even realize it when i got to school until i saw a ton of people in weird costumes.
i was like wow, i remember when i used to LOVE halloween.
buut, i had to celebrate it at select.
which wasn't as bad as i thought i guess.
i think i have more fun backstage with people than i do on stage.

speaking of select.
area all state is the weekend after the show.
holy crap!
then right after that florida will be right around the corner.
aladdin is going pretty well.
a lot better than we all thought it would be.

paramore and the starting line were amazing.
dave is amazing, [minus the whole college thing.
i hate it. so so so so much. it's just so hard.
but, i have no doubt that it will turn out to be what we want it to be.]
grades are great. (only the first semester)
my cat is still alive?
haha, her birthday was oct. 30th.
18 years old!
go tabby!

i'm gunna go eat now.

Sauveur -- OUT!
23rd-Sep-2007 02:30 pm - so its been 3 weeks.
this year sucks already.
but, nothing much i can do about it.

as for school, ehhhh.
i have no one in my classes, so i don't have any other option but to pay attention so thats cool?
my teachers seem pretty decent.
minus my chem teacher.
visiting a ton of colleges.
even ones i know i wont be able to attend.
on oct. 1st there is this thing going on "Higher Education Night" at JCC i am going to go wth my parents that should be cool.
but ill have to miss a select rehearsal.
i have never missed one, hopefully he will let it slide.

working only 2 days a week because thats all i can handle.
select is going to bring even more stress to it all.
hopefully i'll be able to have a good time once it really gets started.

no homecoming for me this year.
i'm not too bummed.
i mean it's just a dance.
and why bother getting all dressed up when the only person i want to impress is away at Albany?
it's parents week and his 18th birthday so i would much rather see him than "dirty dance" with no one but myself.

nothing much to say really.
besides that i miss summer.
and how next summer won't even matter because i'll be taking summer school.
i feel like i have nothing to look forward to this school year.
sprit week kicks off tuesday.
i am only doing past times day, spirt day, and maybe career day.
holiday ball. i guess.

i'm more worried than anything i guess.
i mean, i want to be an english teacher.
but am i really that good at english?
i need to figure out what i want to do before the year ends, i'm freaking out.
but whatever.
i have some time i guess.
i guess i'll just pretend that i have a really good idea.
Major in English, minor in special education. (teaching remidial english)

i'm done.

Sauveur -- OUT.
31st-Aug-2007 07:36 pm - another depressing update.
so, yesterday me and daves family took him to college.

we always said how far away it was and "we'll cross that bridge when we get to it."
well, it's here and gone.
and it's only been a day and i miss him so much.

he has it good there, as far as i could see.
nice dorm, cool roommate.
but pharmacy is hard shit.

around 5, after this parent meeting i had to sit thru, i started getting wicked upset.
i wasn't crying but i didn't want to talk because i was afraid i would ball.
i couldn't eat dinner.
at 6 we had to leave because dave had a meeting.
i cried. pretty bad.
he is coming home in 2 weeks, but when you are used to seeing someone almost everyday 2 weeks is 2 weeks too long.

when i got in his parents car i couldn't stop thinking negative.
so i couldn't stop tearing up.
listening to my iPod, songs he likes, songs we listened to on the way down.
this is the most pain i have been in.

after he comes up in 2 weeks, i get to go down the weekend of his birthday for parents weekend.
sept. 28-30.
we will not see me at the dance.
i choose dave over that.

well, i guess i just wanted to just write this out.
because i know no one really wants to hear it.
so maybe it's easier to read it.

i'll see you all soon.
i know my schedule as well as most of you.
lets compare on AIM.

see ya.

Sauveur -- OUT.
29th-Aug-2007 05:38 pm(no subject)
i'm at daves house.
helping him pack.
he just got into a major fight with his mom.
no idea what is going on down stairs but..i hope they are working it out.

i just can't stop thinking that tomorrow dave is leaving.
for albany.
and how close it is for the class of 2009 is to graduation day.
it's really freaking me out.

i was so sure of going into the field of teaching.
but i have no idea what i wan to teach.
i guess i have some time.
i'll have to set up tons of appointments with colleges this year.
and as for the SATS i will do so shitty.

but i don't know.
i guess i just have to not take advantage of this year.

next summer i am taking english 12 and drivers ed.
but i will be driving so, although i will be busy during the day i will have the night to be wild and crzy with some of my best friends.

not really sure what the point of this update is.
just to take a minute and look at what is happening i guess.
i have been so busy with packing dave it's insane.
but i guess things will fall as they may.

i really hope they fall where i want them to :(.

as far as me and dave.
for everyone that is asking.
we are going to try and make this work.
it will work.
we love eachother way too much for this to go any other way.

dave, if you read this.
muah, i love you:*.

as for the rest of you, see ya in school.

Sauveur -- OUT.
21st-Aug-2007 06:37 pm - well, well, well.
tami was a huge infulence of this update.
props ;).

this summer has been amazing.
i feel like listing differences between this one and last years one.

**last summer was good because of warped and dave and meeting a lot of people.
**this summer me and dave have reached that point in a relationship where your just so comfortable with eachother nothing can stop it.
no warped, but plenty of concerts to go around.
**last summer i started a job.
**this summer i got moved up to a better one.
**hanging out with everyone, minus a few this summer. even just going to the park for an hour is great. seeing jordan is always amazing.
**last year it was summer school and getting to know dave. which was great but i missed the girls and guys ;).
**virginia this year was the best year ever. and knowing that they will be coming here next summer is a great feeling.
**having my own money all summer! buying my own clothes :), yay!
**driving! yay!

all in all, i'm more than satisfied.
but the one thing overall that really stands out?
*last year, meeting dave.
*this year, saying goodbye.
it's going to be so hard.
i just have to keep it positive, so many people think we can make it and that is a great feeling.

our junior year has yet to come.
it's either going to go really good, or really bad.
most of you reading this have already dealt with all the hard courses but now it's the average janes' turn.
teachers, people in my class.
i'm nervous. and excited.
i feel that everyone is alot closer this year than the past.

i am so greatful to be in the class of 2009 :).

well, i'll knock it off.
see you later ;).

Sauveur -- OUT.
19th-Jul-2007 01:41 pm - thanks stephen.
7th-Jul-2007 12:35 pm - virginia.
tomorrow morning at roughly 6-7AM, i shall be leaving you.
going to charlottesville, VA to visit my dads side of the family :).
fun fact: Dave Matthews band is from there! ;).

positive: no watertown for a week.
negative: missing out on my one year.
positive: drive in with dave, brittany, and adam so at midnight til? we can be together :).

leave tons of millions of comments everywhere.

love yous&miss yous:).

Sauveur -- OUT.
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